Move your name to the Top of the Directory - it's FREE!

Each time anyone displays your Profile Page, you are moved to the Top of the List!

Your name is displayed at the top of the list each time a unique visitor visits your Profile Page within a 24-hour period.

The Directory is sorted by the Date/Time of each profile's Most Recent Visit by a Unique Daily User, as demonstrated by the following examples:
  • If John visited your Profile Page, your name would be moved to the top of the Directory.
  • If John then immediately visited another Profile Page, it would have no effect upon the Directory order, since he would not be a unique visitor within a 24-hour period.
  • If Mary then visited another Profile Page, then that profile would be moved to the top of the Directory, and your profile would be 2nd on the list.
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You will also receive access to our Gadgets and Messaging features.

To increase your directory ranking, place our Gadgets on your website, and put these links on your webpages and emails.
Important: These links contain the User ID for the Sample Profile. Your Admin Page has link code which contains your profile's User ID.

Links to increase your Hit Count: These links display your Profile Page, so the visitor may send you a message.
Text Link Code
Text Link will look like this:  Contact Us: Send a FormMail Message

Banner Code
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