FormMail Hosting Service From the Business Search Directory
This feature is offered to users that receive a Premium Membership.
Are you tired of receiving spam? The solution is to use FormMail instead of email to receive messages from strangers.

If you place your email address on websites, then you will quickly end up on a spammer's list. Our free FormMail Hosting Service does not require that you disclose your email address to the sender.
  • View the Sender's Geographical Location: Your Administration Page allows you to view the Geographical Location and IP Address of each person that sends you a message.
  • No Webhost Account Required: Your messages are stored on our lightning-fast servers. There is no cost to you whatsoever.
  • Security: Before a message is sent to you, the other party must enter a security code that is displayed on an encrypted image.
  • No Email Viruses: Every day, billions of spam messages are sent from virus-infected "zombie" computers. Your FormMail account will never receive those messages, or the viruses that they contain.