Frequently Asked Questions for the Business Search Directory

I forgot my password (or my password doesn't work).

On your Administration Login Page, click the link on the right side to 'Retrieve lost password'.

My business does not appear in the Business Search Directory (from the home page).

For your company to appear in the Directory, you must update your profile at least once, by clicking [Save Changes] on your Administration Page.

On my confirmation email, when I click the link for my Administration Page, the Home Page is displayed instead.

If your email program does not display the entire address as a link (including the "?id=" parameter), then copy-and-paste the entire address to your browser.

Can you change my profile for me?

You may change all of your settings on your Administration Page.

When I click [Save Changes] on the Administration Page, my changes are not saved.

If "Your changes have been saved" is not displayed, then please confirm that cookies are enabled on your browser.

Can you add a new Category for my business?

To retain compatibility with the major search engines, we use the same Category list as the Google Business Directory.

May I submit more than one business?

You may submit additional businesses. Each business must have a unique Business Name.

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