Business Search Directory Premium Membership

Business Search Directory members may pay for a Premium Membership subscription, which offers the following features:
  • Appear at the Top of the Directory: Once every day, your company will be placed at the top of the directory, just as if your profile received a "hit" (as described here). Your profile will remain towards the top of the directory all the time.
  • Show Your Website On Our Home Page: Your website will be displayed at the bottom of the home page (rotated with other Premium Members).
  • Show Your Banner Ad On 4 Websites: Your Banner Ad will be displayed at the top of the 4 websites shown here.
  • Free FTPPro Subscription: A value of $90 per year, FTPPro is a Browser-based File Explorer and Access Log Viewer. Upload, Download, and Delete files on your server. View Access Logs, and see the Location of each visitor. Filter and Sort Access Logs by any field.
  • Real-time Web Logs: See information about every visitor to your websites (as described here), including their Locations.
  • Personal Finance Manager: This online program (as described here) will manage your income and expenses, by allowing you to assign each Transaction to any Account and Category. You may easily balance your accounts, by marking cleared transactions and comparing the Cleared Balance to your Statement Balance. You may retrieve transactions by any criteria, including: Account, Category, Range of Dates, To/From, and Comment.
  • Link Exchange: Your ad will be displayed on other members' websites (as described here). This will increase your web traffic, improve your search engine rankings, and increase your company's name recognition.
  • Website Gadgets: You may copy-and-paste code snippets from your admin page, to add the following Gadgets to your website: News Headlines, Twitter, Stock Quotes, Crypto Quotes, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Loan Payment Calculator. Examples are shown here.
  • Messaging: Our FormMail Hosting Service (as described here) will cause you to receive less spam, since you won't have to disclose your email address to the sender. You may view the Geographical Location of each person that sends you a message.

The Premium Membership subscription may be purchased on your Admin Profile page, by selecting the term that you wish to subscribe for ($9 for 1 month, $25 for 3 months, or $90 for 12 months), and clicking the [Subscribe] button.

You may cancel your subscription at any time, as per our Terms of Use.
If you choose not to purchase a Premium Membership, your profile will still appear in the Business Search Directory, and you may still cause your profile to move to the top of the directory (as described here). However, the features described above will not be available.