Message Tracker at the Business Search Directory

Members of the Business Search Directory may create Trackable Messages that can be viewed from any email, text message, or social network post. You can then display information which describes each time your Message has been viewed.

Create a Trackable Message:

Here are the steps to create a new Message that can be Tracked:

1. On your administration page, display the Message Tracker tab.

2. Enter a New Message Description (up to 20 characters), and a Message (up to 1,000 characters).

3. Click the [Add Message] button, which will cause a unique Message Link to be displayed in the blue textbox.

4. Click in the blue textbox, and press [Ctrl C] to copy the Message Link text to the clipboard.

5. Press [Ctrl V] to insert the Message Link into your outgoing email, text message, or social network post.

When the recipient clicks the URL that is included in the Message Link, your Message will be displayed in their browser.

Display Viewings:

The FTPPro Messaging System will create a Viewing record with the following information when your message is viewed:
  • Date/Time Viewed
  • IP Address
  • Location (City, State, Zip Code)
  • Browser Type

To display all Viewings for any Message, on the grid located at the bottom of the Message Tracker tab, click any Message Description. The Viewings for that Message will then be displayed on the right side of the page.

Sort Records:

You may Sort the records shown in either Grid (Messages or Views) by any field, by clicking on a column heading. Clicking the same column heading a 2nd time will sort the records in descending order.