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This app will manage your Cryptocurrency Sales. You may create a unique Purchase Record for each customer, so you can see when each Payment is received. For example, imagine you owned an apartment with 20 tenants. If they paid in cryptocurrency, how would you know when each tenant paid their rent? With this app, you can provide a Purchase Record for each tenant's monthly rent. You could then see when John Doe paid his rent for August.

This app uses Stellar XLM, because Bitcoin and Ethereum have much higher transaction fees (up to $20), and slower transaction speeds (sometimes hours). Stellar XLM is currently the 6th most popular cryptocurrency, with over $36 billion in distributed coins, and nearly $1 billion exchanged every day.

Advantages of Stellar XLM Cryptocurrency payments over Credit Cards, Checks, or PayPal:
  • An XLM Crypto transaction is irreversible, so there are no chargebacks or bounced checks.
  • An XLM Crypto transaction is completed within 5 seconds.
  • The fee for each XLM Crypto transaction is less than 1 cent.

Rabet Chrome Extension:

This app requires the Rabet Chrome Extension to use Stellar XLM cryptocurrency. After installing the Rabet Chrome Extension, receive 10,000 free "Test Network" XLM coins.

To familiarize yourself with Stellar XLM tokens, use Rabet to create two wallets, and select the Test Network to copy "play money" back and forth between those two addresses.

Quick Tour:

The following instructions assume that you installed the Rabet Chrome Extension, and that you received 10,000 free Test Network XLM coins:
  1. The box labeled [Use the Test Network] should be checked.
  2. In the New Purchase Description textbox, enter "August Rent for John Doe", and in the Amount textbox enter "3".
  3. Click [Add Purchase Record], and a new row will appear on the grid at the bottom of the page.
  4. On the grid under the Purchase URL heading, click the Clipboard Icon, and the URL that you should give to your customer will be placed on your clipboard.
  5. Click the URL shown under the Purchase URL heading, and the Customer Payment page will be displayed.
  6. On the Customer Payment page, click [Make Payment], and confirm the payment on the Rabet popup.
  7. The Customer Payment page will be redisplayed, showing that the payment has been made. Click [See detail], and the Stellar Explorer will be displayed.
  8. On the browser tab that contains your Business Search Index Administration page, click [Refresh], and the Payment Record's Status will show Paid.
  9. Under the Status heading, click Customer Details, and you can see a complete history of your customer's transactions.

Purchase Records:

The grid at the bottom of the page displays Purchase Records that meet the following criteria:
  • Main or Test Network: If [Use the Test Network] is checked, then Purchase Records are only shown if they pertain to the Test Network; i.e. if they were added when [Use the Test Network] was checked. If [Use the Test Network] is not checked, then Purchase Records are only shown if they pertain to the Main Network (and not the Test Network).
  • Your XML Address: The XML Address selected in the Rabet Chrome Extension determines the Purchase Records that are shown.

Therefore, if Purchase Records that you entered are not shown, then change the XML Address in the Rabet Chrome Extension (and click [Refresh]), or change the setting of the [Use the Test Network] checkbox.

Customer Payment Page:

To use the Customer Payment Page, your customer must install the Rabet Chrome Extension. Your customer does not have to join the Business Search Directory.

When you add a Purchase Record, a unique Purchase URL is created, which will display the Customer Payment Page.

Clicking the Clipboard Icon (which is shown to the right of the Purchase URL) will place the Purchase URL in your clipboard, so you may provide that URL to your customer.

When your customer goes to the Purchase URL, the Customer Payment Page will show the details of the purchase. They may then click [Make Payment] to transfer Stellar XLM to your address, and your Admin page will show that the Payment has been Paid.