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Category: Legal Services
Short Description: Fix My Ticket. Traffic Ticket? DUI? Toll/SunPass Violation? $50.00 off - mention Bus. Search Index
Long Description: Florida Statewide Service! We also have a database of attorneys throughout the United States and in Canada who can assist you in your traffic needs!

We handle civil infractions, criminal traffic charges, DUI's, SunPass/Toll violations, etc. Most cases are disposed without any points being assessed to your license, keeping your insurance rates down. Also, we represent CDL license holders in protesting citations before the D.O.T.

If your license is suspended, we can unravel the proverbial red tape in order to give you information in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, and help you get your license reinstated.

For our Top Ten list of reasons why to fight your traffic citation, please visit our website at www.FixMyTicket.com

For additional information, please e-mail FixMyTicket.com at info@FixMyTicket.com or visit www.FixMyTicket.com.
Website: www.fixmyticket.com
Address: Fix My Ticket
Post Office Box 10244
Tampa, Florida 33679-0244
Telephone: 813-251-2923
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