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This is the profile for Dwayne D. Jakes & Associates Management Systems, LLC. Click the tabs below for additional information.
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Dwayne D. Jakes & Associates Management Systems, LLC
Category: Business Services
Short Description: Management Strategy, Transformational Leadership, OD, Human Capital Management, Procurement
Long Description: If better management and business consulting solutions are what you’re after, think of
Dwayne D. Jakes & Associates Management Systems, LLC, for professional management consulting engagements.

We’ll come wherever you are to offer a wide variety of certified professional consulting services for diverse industries, including advanced technological fields. You’ll like the created financial value-added results on ROI, on our competitive value-based consulting fees.

The more you get to know Dwayne D. Jakes & Associates Management Systems, LLC, we’re the best choice for professional management consulting engagements that can make a difference on your organizations’ ROI.

Our service operations focus on ten areas: 1. Leadership Development, 2. Project Management, 3. Human Capital Development, 4. Executive Coaching, 5. Small-Business Start-ups, 6. Transformational Leadership, 7. Global Business Procurement, 8. Entrepreneurship, 9. Strategic Planning 10. Org Develop
Website: www.ddjakes.com
Address: 3469 Macon Road #12361
Columbus, GA 31907-9991
Telephone: 706 561-8644
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