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Mountain Sage Wellness, Inc.
Category: Healthcare
Short Description: Wellness practice -- bodywork, Qigong instruction, and essential oil products
Long Description: Mountain Sage, Inc. was founded to provide services and education that lead people toward greater health and wellness. As a Master Level Reiki practitioner, Level IV Huna Kane practitioner (a non-traditional massage/energy healing technique), Qigong instructor, and an herbalist in training, I am devoted to helping you become pain free and healthy -- both internally and externally. My expertise in body/energy work will help you release both emotional and physical imbalances in your body. My Muscle Recovery formulas will help you feel relief from sore muscles, stiff joints and other muscular and joint problems.
Website: http://www.mountainsage.us/index.htm
Address: Golden, CO
Telephone: 303-241-3343
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