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Wildlands Conservation
Category: Energy and Environment
Short Description: A non-profit specializing in conservation planning, policy, land management, protection, research.
Long Description: Wildlands Conservation’s mission is perhaps most succinctly expressed in its name. That’s what this organization has been about since its inception in 2003. It is not our mission to either advocate or oppose activities that are perceived as threatening Florida’s wildlands, nor has it ever been. We see agriculture and sustainable development as vital to a thriving Florida economy, and we realize that conservation of Florida wildlands will not occur without a thriving Florida economy. We strive to work with landowners and others around the state to maximize conservation and minimize impacts, which can be very costly to that landowner. Unlike for-profit organizations, we invest every dollar earned back into the conservation of wildlands. Our tools for conserving wildlands involve all the vocations listed above: environmental education, land management, directed research, and landscape level planning.
Website: www.wildlandsconservation.org/
Address: 15310 Amberly Drive, 250, Tampa FL 33647
Telephone: 8132526517
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