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Cappel Canine
Category: Business Services
Short Description: Cappel Canine is a full service dog center
Long Description: Cappel Canine offer training, boarding, and improving dogs and humans lives. We are also home to the "World's Oldest Security". Cappel Canine is certified and a Texas state licensed police/security dog trainer, as well as an internationally recognized Obedience/Behavior specialist for pet owners. Your dog learns all obedience commands; Come when called, Heel, etc. And for greater off-leash control all dogs are trained to come to the "Silent Whistle" Cappel Canine 2 week Board & Train program solves all behavior problems, leash pulling, jumping, aggression, etc. Drop off your wild child, pick up your well behaved, best buddy at graduation. Cappel Canine has Training videos and you get the DVD, so you watch as your dog learns, then use the DVD, s a lifetime training reference, to keep your dog sharp. Cappel Canine Training fee is made in 2 payments, $450 on drop off and $445 when picking your dog up.
Website: www.bbb.org/us/tx/burleson/profile/pet-boarding/k9-kountry-kennel-0825-235959279
Address: 4901 FM 1187
Telephone: 8174832026
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