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Sound Choice Imaging
Category: Healthcare
Short Description: Medical Diagnostic Imaging Professional Temporary staffing
Long Description: Sound Choice Imaging 'We are your missing piece' over 30 years of experience in diagnostic imaging. Independent and locally owned imaging staffing service.We are proud to display our BBB seal when conducting business, USFCR Vendor verified. Our mission is to serve our local community by eliminating vacancies within our hospitals, imaging centers and physicians offices.We ensure quality service with our commitment to our honesty, integrity and dependability. We offer our staff an enhanced work/life balance allowing greater focus on excellence in their craft. At Sound Choice Imaging we make relationships, not transactions. Our staff are locals who excel in their field and choose to make a difference in the community in which we work and live.We employ registered / licensed, insured and screened , specialized imaging professionals. Our staff is passionate and understands your business. Do you know a diagnostic professional interested in becoming the missing piece? call today.
Website: www.soundchoiceimaging.com
Address: PO Box 612
Long Beach, MS 39560
Telephone: 504.701.3406
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