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The Talented Tenth Highlanders
Category: Education and Training
Short Description: A place where children can explore their God given talents and learn the keys to success
Long Description: The talented Tenth Highlanders camp was founded because the founder, Nicolette Piaubert realized too many underprivileged youth were ending up in the system because of poor choices and bad influence. Realizing that these young people need to be given better alternatives Nicolette Piaubert developed a program that centered around, character building, culture refinement and scholastic achievements. Every day the summer campers are given the opportunities to explore their God given talents while they have fun and learn the different key attributes of successful people. It is most unfortunately that not all schools give children the resources they need for a better future, but through The Talented Tenth Highlanders Inc., inspired by W.E.B Dubois, children of all ages and walk of life are given tools to become the difference they need too see.
Website: www.talented10thhighlanders.com
Address: 1210 Utica Ave
Brooklyn NY 11231
Telephone: 9176029927
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