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Aulwood Industries, Inc.
Category: Consumer Goods and Services
Short Description: Aulwood manufactures and distributes a line of best quality home care products.
Long Description: Developed in 1936, Aulwood Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Polish has been used by generations of consumers to care for their finest, most treasured wood belongings. In the mid-1960's, Aulwood Scratch Cover was developed and added to the line. In 2006, AulMetal Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish was developed and introduced and has gotten rave reviews from homeowners with stainless steel appliances and commercial cleaners for use on architectural stainless steel and elevator doors. For a complete line of our other best-in-class carpet cleaning products or industrial cleaning products, visit our sites at www.durallproducts.com and www.durallcarpet.com.
Website: www.aulwood.com
Address: 2525 East Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Telephone: 612-455-0255
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