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Safeport Solutions
Category: Financial Services
Short Description: New book describes secret loop-holes in the credit system that legally boosts your FICOŽ scores.
Long Description: The Credit Robbers describes secret loop-holes in the credit system that legally boosts your FICOŽ credit scores and allows removal of bad credit, bankruptcy, and more while exposing consumer credit fraud by creditors and provides expert guidance in credit repair and identity theft.

The Credit Robbers takes you inside the credit sytem and exposes what's really going on with your most trusted creditors. Exposing for the first time a kind of reverse insurance fraud where insurance providers are routinely bilking your credit scores using questionable accounting practices.

Credit Repair, Credit Debt and Credit Profile Management are explained in simple terms. Discover some of the amazing secrets behind the booming Credit Repair industry that the government is trying anxiously to hide. And don't miss the powerful strategy that allows mortgage bankers and real estate professionals to turn the current mortgage crisis into a winning portfolio.

Published by Safeport Solutions - 200
Website: thecreditrobbers.com
Address: 136 Oakwood Road
Annapolis, Maryland USA
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