Gadgets For Your Website From the Business Search Directory
All members of the Business Search Directory may add any of the following Gadgets to their websites.

Your administration page will contain code snippets that you can easily copy-and-paste, allowing your website to immediately have these additional features.

You will be immediately moved to the top of the Directory each time someone uses any of these Gadgets on your website.
Click here for a complete description of this policy.

The News Headline Gadget allows you to select a News Topic which will determine the headlines that are displayed.

Select a News Topic:

You may click any of the headlines to see an entire news story. These headlines change every hour.

The Weather Gadget shows the weather forecast for any Zip Code.

You may select the default Zip Code that is used whenever the Gadget is initially displayed.

Your visitors may change the Zip Code, by clicking the Change Location link.

The Loan Calculator Gadget displays the Monthly Payment that would result from the Loan Amount, Interest %, and # of Years that are entered.