Are you tired of continually checking your Bitcoin Wallet,
to see if a transaction has been confirmed?

The Business Search Directory now includes the FREE Bitcoin Notifier program.

  • Receive an Email or Text Notification when a Bitcoin Confirmation occurs.
  • Select up to five Bitcoin Addresses to monitor.
  • Indicate a particular Confirmation Number. For example, you can select that you want to receive a Notification when the 2nd Confirmation occurs.

Here's how it works:
1. Register at the Business Search Directory. It's FREE, and your name doesn't have to be displayed in the directory.
2. Login to your administration page, and click the tab labeled Bitcoin Notifier.
3. Enter your Email Address to Notify. The screen includes instructions how you can receive text notifications via email.
4. If you don't want to receive notifications, blank-out Email Address to Notify. Transaction data will still appear on your administration page.
5. Enter a Bitcoin Address, and the Confirmation # that you wish to receive a notification for, and click [Add].
It's that simple! Your Bitcoin Address will then be monitored, and when a transaction occurs (and when the selected Confirmation # occurs) a notification will be sent to you. The transaction data is also displayed on your administration page.